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Scout Hexa – Autonomy Tests

I have been working on a hexacopter version of Scout.   This version is ideally suited for mounting a larger camera than a GoPro or Contour camera.   The max camera weight for a hexacopter is around 400 grams.   Scout Hexa is equipped with a ArduPilot Mega and a camera gimbal with tilt stabilization.  The ArduPilot Mega is equipped with sonar, a magnetometer, and GPS.   These sensor enables Scout to have autonomous capabilities like GPS position hold, terrain following and return to home.

I spent a lot of time, tuning Scout Hexa’s autonomous functionality.  I am really happy with the aircrafts performance.   The only thing left to do is eliminating the aircrafts vibration to the camera.

This video is a demonstration of Scout Hexa’s autonomous capabilities.

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Will you be putting together a build guide for the hexa?? I’m looking to build a copter that can handle a wireless camera feed, and this bad mama jama just may do the trick.

Love the site! Thanks for giving shade tree tinkerers like me, a glimpse of actually completing a project for once!

Looks great! Thus far what is the maximum flight time for your hexcopter and have you set up a fpv system for it?

I have an application that would require the following:

Range: at least 1/2 mile

GPS maping (recoring of locations during flight) GPS return home.

Flight Time at least 20min.

HD stabilized camera, wide angle.

Live Video feed to operator that shows marked locations.

Is this too much?

Yes your requirements are doable. For flight time you can expect 18-24 mins. Any range greater than 300 feet would have to be an preprogrammed automatous flight. A normal radio range is 300 feet.

Dear Sir,
We should need about 1.000 pcs of qwadrocopters as:
-Fly time at least 30 minutes,
-Payload:400 grs.
From ware we can purchasse and for howmuch.
Thanks in advance.

Nice machine .. im looking to getting started on building a quadcopter of my own been doing some research on all of them and got a good idea on what I want .. as far as the jitter I wouldnt worry about it thats from the machine getting blown around and the auto tilt trying to make the corrections need to keep it stable .. keep up the good work

Hi, I’m a videographer & I’ve also been looking into similar . . I’ve been told if your vertical(up&dwn) weight is more in the middle you won’t have as much of a problem with stabilization, works kinda like a pendulum, lower it is the more it swings. Also you can use the shocks & struts from an RC car for vibration. would like to here more about what you use for wireless video feed. I’m thinkin abt useing XBee Pro (up to 3 miles outdoors) for cortroll & Video, not quite there yet, could always use any outside input.

Hi, this summer I’m going to try to build a copter, as well. I read that Hexacopter can lift 1 kg of payload. What maximum altitude Hexacopter can fly? Is it possible to fly at the altitude of 1 km for a Tricopter, mounted with 2 cameras, GPS and enough batteries capacity?

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