Low Cost Arduino Based Auto-Stabilizing System

There are a lot of choices when it comes to picking a flight controller for your quadcopter.   If you are looking for a low cost way to auto-stabilize your quadcopter, this is the guide for you!

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Improving a Quadcopter’s Stability

Getting a quadcopter stable in the air isn’t trivial.  Stability of a quadcopter relies on the harmonious working of all of it’s parts.

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How-to Balance a Propeller

An unbalanced propeller produces excessive vibration.  This vibration travels through the entire airframe affecting the handling of the aircraft,  produces inaccurate readings by the sensors, and creates premature failure of motor bearings and parts.  A balanced propeller is paramount to a stable aircraft.  A balanced propeller produces less vibration and draws less current, which results in greater stability and extended flight times.  You should balance any propeller before installing it on your aircraft.  Balancing a propeller requires the use of a special tool, you guessed it a propeller balancer.  The propeller balancer that I use is the Top Flite Propeller balance.  It is essentially a shaft held by two magnets.  The magnets create a frictionless surface for the shaft to spin freely.  Read More…


Futaba 7C 2.4 GHz Radio

The R/C radio controls the throttle and the direction that the quadcopter travels.  When choosing an R/C radio, the most important feature is how many channels the radio supports.  One channel independently controls one servo or ESC.  The more channels, the more devices that can be independently controlled.  The minimum number of channels for a quadcopter is 5.  Four of those channels are for the four motors and the other channel for switching between flight modes.   These flight modes could be switching from stable or acrobat mode or to enable or disable autonomous flying.  A radio with more than 5 channels will allow auxiliary devices to be controlled.  Some devices that could be controlled are lights, robotic cameras or landing gear.