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Castle Creations 35 Amp Brushless ESC

An Electronic Speed Controller, or “ESC” controls the speed of the motor.  ESCs will have a power limit.  The more power an ESC can handle, the larger, heavier and more expensive the ESC will be.  When choosing an ESC, it needs to match or exceed the motor’s peak amperage.  If the peak amperage of the motor is 13 amps, then an ESC rated at 15 amps will be sufficient.  An ESC with a lower rated amperage will overheat and possibly fail.

Some common features of an ESC are a low voltage cutoff.  The low voltage cutoff will cut the power to the motors when the voltage drops to a specific level.  This is a protection feature for LiPo batteries.  If a LiPo battery’s voltage drops below its minimal voltage, it can permanently damage the battery.  The low voltage cutoff protects the battery from dropping below its minimal voltage.

Some ESCs can be programmed to have different throttle responses, adjust the low voltage cutoff limit, reverse the motor’s direction and change the switch rate.

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3 Responses to “ESC”

  1. Tyler F says:

    Are ESC’s mandatory for building a quadcopter? I can’t tell if an ESC is more of a surge protector or something more important? Can’t you just control the speed of the motors from the Arduino?

    • some guy says:

      Well if your Arduino can handle about 15 A it would be no problem but I think it is more possibile that your board will burn down. You have to have some unit that can regulate the power sent to your motor. Thus, if you don’t want to buy an ESC you can build your own with a few transistors, z-diodes, resistors, capacitors and may be shift-registers but I think this will be senseless as ti would be more expensive than buying one and you maybe don’t know how to build one, to transmit information to it, to program your Arduino using this and to build it to become reliable.
      I hope this helps you a bit.

  2. jordon badari says:

    So i plan to use the Turngy 2213, will the GWS brushless esc 25a 2-4s 2a BEC, work with this outrunner??

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