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The First Scout, Scout 1.0

This the first iteration of Scout, “Scout 1.0”. The first Scout was built out of LEGO Technic building blocks. It is a tilt-rotor vehicle with twin electric ducted fans for propulsion. It’s controlled via a standard hobby remote control. It is equipped with a wireless camera that transmitted Scout’s view back to the user.  Scout was intended to fly, but due to it’s weight and inherit instability the robot would just topple over when it got any lift off the ground.

I choose to build Scout out of LEGO bricks for several reasons.  First, LEGO bricks are a great prototyping platform.  I can build and rebuild my ideas very easily.  The cost of materials is cut because I can reuse LEGO bricks.  If I were to use a material such as aluminum once I cut a piece thats it I cannot go back.    Second, LEGO bricks are accessible to everyone.  I want people able to build Scout on there own with minimal amount of tools.  Third, going back to my first point, LEGO bricks offer modularity.  If I decide later that I want to add another battery bay or a camera arm to the helicopter, I can easily snap those parts into the main design.  More info…

Scout 1.0’s First Test from Russell de la Torre on Vimeo.


Scout Short snippet of Scout 1.0 in action. Scout 1.0 from Nisma Z on Vimeo.


Russell talking about the build of Scout 1.0, Scout (2) from Nisma Z on Vimeo.

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