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Scout 3 Update!

Scout 3 now is offered with the ArduPilot Mega Flight Controller Kit.  Scout 3 also supports additional flight controllers.

Scout 3 now supports the following flight controllers:

  • Ardupilot Mega 1 & 2
  • OpenPilot CC
  • AeroQuad Mini

Scout 3 is now offered in a full autonomous option using the ArduPilot Mega.  This option includes GPS, Sonar, and a Magnetometer giving Scout the ability to fly preprogrammed flight path, auto return to home and GPS enabled position hold.  The ArduPilot Mega has a wealth of additional features,  look for additional options for Scout in the near future.  The Scout 3 ARF and RTF kits come already programmed and tuned.

Head over to Scout UAV Store for more details.


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