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Cut Pieces

Last Updated on January 12, 2013

Measurement Units:  For this guide I will be using metric measurements because the materials I used are in metric dimensions.  If you are using materials in U.S. dimensions, use the second measurement number.  e.g. 100mm/3.75″

Cutting Carbon Fiber

A Cut Sheet of Carbon Fiber

Scout’s airframe is constructed entirely from carbon fiber.  Cutting carbon fiber is messy.  The carbon dust gets everywhere.  The dust is also bad for your lungs.  When cutting carbon fiber, wear a face mask and eye protection and work in a well ventilated area.

To cut carbon fiber I used a Dremel mounted to a router table and use a 1/8″ carbide cutting bit.  Alternatively, you could also us a cutting wheel instead.  You could cut the carbon fiber freehand but I found the router table gave more precise cuts.


Make Airframe Plates

Take the sheet of Carbon Fiber and cut five 100mm/3.75″ Squares.

Take the vibration foam and cut a piece to the size of the ArduPilot Mega.

Cut Arms

Take the 10.5mmx750mm square tube and cut four 180mm /7″  tubes for the arms


Make Motor Mount Plates

In order to mount the motors to the square tube we need to make 4 mounts out of the carbon fiber sheet.

Cut four  45mm/1.75″ squares

Take one of the cross plate that came with the motors and place it’s center hole to the top center of the 45mm/1.75″ square.

Motor Cross Plate on Top Center



Cut and shape the carbon fiber square in the shape of a Y.  Use cross plate as a template for shaping motor mount

Cross Plate on Handmade Motor Mount



The end motor mount should be shaped as a Y

Handmade Carbon Fiber Motor Mount


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  1. Damien Sim says:

    I thin you might have forgotten to put in the dimensions for the arms of the ScoutUAV. What are they?

  2. .caveman says:

    Can you recommend good CAD software in which to design the frame? I don’t have a CNC router so want to create a CAD diagram then send it off to get the pieces cut for me.

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