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Solder Electronics

Last Updated on June 4, 2011

Soldering Connectors
The list of items that will need connectors solder are the following:

  • Three male bullet connectors to the each of the wires from the motor.
  • Three female bullet connectors to each of the ESC wires for the motor
  • One male Deans connector to the power wires from the ESC.
  • One female Deans connector the battery wires.

Solder Boards
The ArduPilot Mega and the IMU board both come without soldered headers.  Both boards come with the necessary headers and you must cut the headers to length and solder each head one at a time.

Unsoldered ArduPilot Mega Board

Solder Power Distribution Connection
I had to think of a way to tie all the ESC battery connector to the main battery power supply.  I created a central power distribution connector by soldering four female Deans Ultra connectors in parallel for the ESCs and soldered one male Deans connector for the battery power supply.  I used a 14-gauge wire for soldering all the connectors together.  Before soldering the wire and connectors, slide on a piece of heat-shrink tubing for all connections that will be soldered.

Custom Power Distribution

Solder XBee Header
Take the right angle break away header and break off a bar of 4-pins. Solder the 4-pin bar to the GND-DIN holes on the XBee Explorer Regulated board.


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