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3D Mapping Robot Project

Here is a great post by Matt and his endeavor into building a flying robot. He details his process of wanting to build a 3D mapping flying robot.  More info: http://lifeoutthewindow.com/2013/06/flying-3d-mapping-robot-pt-1/

Modifying Flight planner for variable-pitch quadcopter

Hey guys,

I’m building a larger quadcopter for a project. I have all the construction down and everything like that, just having some trouble with the code.

I was wondering if anyone knew if you can modify the Ardupirate or arducopter code for a variable pitch quadcopter?? I just need it to stabilize it, as the end goal is to have it to be semi-autonomous.

Your help, suggestions or resources would be greatl appreciated,


Scout Hexa – Autonomy Tests

I have been working on a hexacopter version of Scout.   This version is ideally suited for mounting a larger camera than a GoPro or Contour camera.   The max camera weight for a hexacopter is around 400 grams.   Scout Hexa is equipped with a ArduPilot Mega and a camera gimbal with tilt stabilization.  The ArduPilot Mega is equipped with sonar, a magnetometer, and GPS.   These sensor enables Scout to have autonomous capabilities like GPS position hold, terrain following and return to home. Read More…

Low Cost Arduino Based Auto-Stabilizing System

There are a lot of choices when it comes to picking a flight controller for your quadcopter.   If you are looking for a low cost way to auto-stabilize your quadcopter, this is the guide for you!

Read More…