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Scout UAV Store is OPEN!

Scout UAV store is open!  You can now buy the latest revision of Scout, Scout 3 as kit or just the airframe.  Due to price increases from the supplier Scout 3 kit is now $360 instead of $350.  The Scout 3 airframe is now $225.  Head over to store.scoutuav.com for more details on Scout 3.   I am shipping worldwide.

I have notice that several of the items in the “Parts List” are consistently “out of stock”.   If you choose to build Scout, I have managed to secure the ESC’s, motors, and propellers.  I have installed and tested all the items and recommend them for the Scout build-log.  They are really nice components.  I have chosen these parts for their high efficiency.  The high efficiency of these parts will extend flight times.  I am working on getting more items in the store, stay tuned!

Please support Scoutuav.com, by ordering your parts from store.scoutuav.com.