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Improving a Quadcopter’s Stability

Getting a quadcopter stable in the air isn’t trivial.  Stability of a quadcopter relies on the harmonious working of all of it’s parts.

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Scout UAV Store is OPEN!

Scout UAV store is open!  You can now buy the latest revision of Scout, Scout 3 as kit or just the airframe.  Due to price increases from the supplier Scout 3 kit is now $360 instead of $350.  The Scout 3 airframe is now $225.  Head over to store.scoutuav.com for more details on Scout 3.   I am shipping worldwide.

I have notice that several of the items in the “Parts List” are consistently “out of stock”.   If you choose to build Scout, I have managed to secure the ESC’s, motors, and propellers.  I have installed and tested all the items and recommend them for the Scout build-log.  They are really nice components.  I have chosen these parts for their high efficiency.  The high efficiency of these parts will extend flight times.  I am working on getting more items in the store, stay tuned!

Please support Scoutuav.com, by ordering your parts from store.scoutuav.com.

How-to Balance a Propeller

An unbalanced propeller produces excessive vibration.  This vibration travels through the entire airframe affecting the handling of the aircraft,  produces inaccurate readings by the sensors, and creates premature failure of motor bearings and parts.  A balanced propeller is paramount to a stable aircraft.  A balanced propeller produces less vibration and draws less current, which results in greater stability and extended flight times.  You should balance any propeller before installing it on your aircraft.  Balancing a propeller requires the use of a special tool, you guessed it a propeller balancer.  The propeller balancer that I use is the Top Flite Propeller balance.  It is essentially a shaft held by two magnets.  The magnets create a frictionless surface for the shaft to spin freely.  Read More…